Group Member Types
Within a group, you can categorise your learners under the following user types:

  • Admin
  • Moderator
  • User
  • Read Only

When you add a learner to a group, they will default as user. A user, moderator and read-only member within a group can view courses they have already started through Active Learning or book onto new courses through Available Learning. They can also view any events that have been created within the group can be booked onto through the Events tab of the group. Finally, users can view any resources that have been shared into the Group through the Resources tab. However, a Group Admin has more functionalities to be able to oversee people within their group.

An Admin has the same abilities as a user, but they also have administrative functions to monitor those within the group. The user view will appear on screen as default when you select the group. To view your admin functions, select the Admin button on the right-hand side of the group. The admin functions are as follows:

Group Admin Actions – the ability to see any actions that are happening within the group that need actioning. For example, if a user has requested to join an event or start a course that requires admin approval. To approve these actions, select one from the list and it will ask you to approve/deny the request.

Learn Allocations – the ability to add any learning modules that exist in your domain into the group. Select Add Learning and choose the courses you wish to add. For more information on Learn Allocations, please click here.

Manage Events the ability to create an event solely for people within this group, so they alone have access to see and book onto it. For more information on how to create an event, please click here.

Manage Users - the ability to remove learners from the group. To remove a user from the group, select the tick box on the left-hand side of user from the list and Remove.

Resources – the ability to add any resources that the learners may need to view. Select Add Resource - you can add files or a URL link to a webpage that you would like your learners to view.