As a group manager you can set up any learn allocations for your group. What learning you have access to will depend on what is allocated to you from your Enable LMS administrator. 

You can manage your group learning from the 'Learn Allocations' page under the Group Admin. Here you will see a list of modules and learning collections available to your group.

If you are an LMS Administrator, you can add learning directly into this group with the 'Add Learning' button. This will launch a lightbox where you can select from the available modules and learning collections and then choose how you want to allocate the learning to your group.

Learn Details

Once you have navigated to the learning for a group you will see the module details. This will show how many licences are available for your group, how many have been allocated and not started and how many have been used in total. You can also preview the module with the 'Preview' button.

To manage the learning for a specific module or collection, select it from this list, you will be taken to the details page for that module.

Allocation Settings

The allocation settings mirror those available when allocating from the LMS Admin.

You can select:

  • Manual, allows you to select any specific group members to allocate the learning to. 
  • Automatically, will give all group members an allocation. You can select to give this module again to those who have not started, currently in progress and completed if required.
  • User self-enrol, will make the learning show on the 'Available Learning' page for the learner. If you select this you can set it so that LMS and Group Admins are required to approve any learning a member has requested.

Additional Settings

If Automatic or User self-enrol is selected, you can also set when the module is given to the members by setting a start date or time.

You can also set 'Only Assessments Mandatory' for any allocations if they contain Assessments. This can be used for refresher training where you only want to ensure your learners knowledge is up to date.


You can set a deadline for any learning. You can select the following options:

  • No Deadline. Learners will have unlimited time to complete the module.
  • Absolute Deadline. Set a date and time for when the module will need to completed by. Once the deadline date reaches the module will no longer be allocated automatically or available for self-enrol. You can also check 'Set to Manual' at Deadline Date. This will convert the allocation settings to Manual and any new users will not receive this module.
  • Relative Deadline. Set a period of time for the module to be completed by from the date of allocation. For example, you might give a member ten weeks or three weeks to complete the learning from the date they were allocated it.


If you have set a deadline, you can use reminders to encourage your group members to complete the learning. These will be sent to any users who have not yet started or are currently in progress with the module.

Adding a Deadline Reminder

  1. Select 'Add Reminder', this will populate the list with a blank reminder.
  2. Set the time before deadline you wish the reminder to be sent by entering a number value and the period of time (minutes, hours, days or weeks)
  3. You can enter a reminder message which will be sent.
  4. If you wish for this reminder to be sent as an email, select 'Send as Email'

You can add multiple reminders as you require them.