Events in Enable LMS let you manage any face to face training, meetings, conferences you wish to record for your Enable LMS users.

To use Enable LMS Events you will need to have this feature turned on. Please get in touch with our Customer Service team for more information if you do not have this functionality switched on. 

Note: Before you create any Events, you will need to set up your Locations and Rooms. Each event session will need an available room specified. This can be done in the Settings of your LMS.

Creating an Event

Events are made up of the Event container, optional parts and sessions.

Event Details

Enter the following details about your event:

  • Title: What your event will be called.
  • Event Agenda, Details or Description: What information about the event you wish to share with the participants.
  • Event Tags: To track across multiple events, you can tag them for reporting purposes. 
  • Select 'Next' to continue.

Event Type

Select the Event Type. you have the following options:

  • Single Part Event: For events where the user only needs to attend one event to mark it as fully completed.
  • Multiple Part Event: For events which span multiple sessions which the user will need to attend to complete an event.
  • Prospective Event: To gauge interest in an event you may potentially run.

Invitation Method

Select the invitation method for your event, you have the following options:

  • Self Enrol Open: The event will be accessible to all users and visible in their Available Events. No authorisation will be required if the user chooses to attend this event.
  • Self Enrol Permission: The event will be accessible to all users and visible in their Available Events but will require approval from LMS or Event Admin to confirm their place.
  • Invited: Users will be invited and are asked to approve or decline their attendance.
  • Mandatory: Users are automatically placed onto the event.

Event Settings

  • Automatically add users to waiting list: This will add all your Enable LMS users to the waiting list for the event. Please note this does not mean they have been added to the event itself, only the waiting list.
  • Set waiting list notification alert: If selected the LMS Admin will receive a notification when the waiting list his a threshold you set.
  • Event only available to waiting list users: Only users currently on the waiting list for the event will be able to attend.
  • Set Cut Off Point: This prevents any last minute surges for users booking onto the event. It means that you can control who books themselves on and you can remove the event from the Available Events tab a certain amount of time before the session starts so you know exactly who is attending before the event begins. Enter the time as applicable (minutes, hours, days, weeks).

Event Resources

For each event you can assign resources to the facilitator and attendees. Facilitators will have access to both sets of resources while attendees will only be able to access the attendee resources.

Adding a session

Once you have created an event, you can add sessions to it.

  1. Select 'Add Session' from inside your event or event part. 
  2. Give your event the date and start and end times.
  3. If you are running multiple sessions, you can select 'Recurring Sessions' option. From there you can set the frequency (daily or weekly) and the number of occurrences.
  4. If required, you can set the minimum attendance for your event, and the time before the event starts when this attendance is checked. If you do not wish for the event to go ahead when it is below the attendance threshold, select 'Automatically Cancel'.
  5. Select 'Next' to continue.
  6. You will then need to assign a room. If you do not have any rooms set up, you will need to create them in your locations under your Enable LMS settings.
  7. Select from the available rooms. If required, you can override the capacity for the room you've selected.
  8. Select 'Next' to continue.
  9. You can optionally assign any facilitators for the session. Facilitators are responsible for the running of event. They will have access to the facilitator resources and can mark the attendance of the session. 
  10. Select 'Create Session' to create your session(s).

Making an Event Live

By default, events are not active. This allows you to set up all the properties for you event before your prospective attendees see it. Once you have everything set, you can select 'Make Event Live' and this will invite or book all attendees onto the sessions you have so far created and populated.

Select 'Make Event Live'

You can select if you wish to notify the attendees:

  • No notification: Any attendees will not be notified in the Enable LMS
  • Notification: Attendees will receive an Enable LMS notification
  • Email and notification: Attendees will receive an Enable LMS notification and email will be sent. We recommend selecting this option as this will assist if users and facilitators add the event to their Outlook calendar. They will be notified via email of any changes that administrators make to the event via email. Learners will also be notified via email if they are on the waiting list for the event and a space becomes available.

Select 'Make Event Live' and your event will ready to view in Available Events.