Virtual College are in the process of developing a new feature called Recurring Allocations, this is due to be released Thursday 2nd December.
As an Enable Administrator you can currently allocate a single module once to either individuals or groups and if you want to allocate the module again then you have to do this manually.
The Recurring Allocations features allows you to set a module up so that it is allocated to a user or group of users ever X amount of time dependent on either the allocation date or the completion date.
Benefits of Recurring Allocations
  • Learners can automatically be allocated training after the initial module allocation
  • Less administrative time overall

To Create a Recurring Allocation

  • Ensure either the module you want to add the recurring allocation is selected or the group module


  • Please note that the Allocation settings that already exist within a module will continue to work the same
  • Select Recurring Allocations
  • By default (as shown below) the Set Recurring Settings is unchecked to enable the options you will need to check this option


  • Once Set Recurring Settings is checked then you will be able to select the following;
    • How frequently you want the recurring allocation to be given to learners by weeks, months or years
    • If you want the learners to receive their next allocation based on the original allocation date of the module or when each individual learner completes the module
    • Whether all future recurring allocation should contain just the assessment - PLEASE NOTE this will only work if the module has been set to allow Assessment only where it has been originally created.
    • Whether learners should receive an email upon each allocation of the module

  • After you have pressed save on the Recurring Allocation Settings then this will apply to any existing module allocations and any future module allocations
  • To disable a Recurring Allocation Setting then you simply uncheck the Set Recurring Settings checkbox and press save. This will prevent any recurring allocation of the module to users.

What does this mean for the learner

As a learner you will not see anything different in the system. Learners will only receive modules when the time has elapsed based on the settings that have been added by administrators.

What happens to different allocations within Enable

Below are a few rules on how the allocations work based on different situations;

  • If a user has previously completed a module before recurring allocations has been added then the settings of the new recurring allocation will apply to the latest module on their learner record as long as this is not related to a live learning collection or live learning plan but can be from a module that has previously been part of a learning plan/collection that no longer exists. 
  • If the same module is allocated again (manually) outside of the recurring allocation then the recurring allocation will continue based on the previous recurring allocation module.
  • If a user is added to a group and an individual recurring module allocation then they will receive both sets of recurring allocations.
  • If the admin has checked Only Assessment Mandatory then the first instance of the module will contain all parts of the module and the recurring allocations afterwards will contain just the assessment. 
  • When a module is updated at via content creation then any future allocations of the module based on the recurring allocation will be the latest version of the module. 
  • If a module is updated via content creation and the admin has selected to give everyone the latest version no matter what progress they have made then the recurring allocation is based on the date of the original allocation date.
    • A learner that has been allocated a recurring allocation module will only see the module from when it has been allocated to them and not before. 

    • If a learner is made inactive then the recurring module allocations will stop.

    • If a learner is made active again, they will receive a module based on the recurring allocation settings they have previously been allocated. 

  • If the admin has checked Only Assessment Mandatory then the first instance of the module will contain all parts of the module and all the recurring allocations afterwards will contain just the assessment.