If you would like to group a number of courses together in sequence for learners to take as mandatory training, this can be done through a feature in Enable called Learning Collections.  If you do not have access to this in your Enable LMS, please get in touch with our Customer Service team.

Creating Learning Collections

Select Content Creation and then Learning Collections. To make a new learning collection, select Create and give a title, description and image to your collection. You will be taken to the Learning Collection building page.

Select Add New to add in the modules you would like to be included in your collection. You will be able to select from any Virtual College modules that have been shared into your domain or any that you have built in your Enable LMS yourself. You can add as many modules in the collection as you like.

Once you have selected all the modules you would like in the Learning Collection, go to the Unlock Method option under the Details page on the right-hand side of the Learning Collection builder. From there, you can choose whether you would like all modules available at any one time, so learners can choose which order to take their modules. This option is titled All Available. The other option is Sequential, which sets the modules in a certain order that they must be taken, and all modules will be mandatory.

You can set some modules in a Learning Collection to be optional if you wish – please note if you make modules optional, you will need to make at least two modules optional and you can choose how many of the optional modules are to be completed to successfully finish the collection. This can be done in the Optional modules to be completed tab in the Details on the right-hand side of the Learning Collection builder. You will also need to select the All Available option in the Unlock Method tab.

Once you are happy with your selections, select Save Draft and Publish. This will appear in the list of Learning Collections in the Content Creation page. This can now be allocated out to learners through the Allocations page.