Administrators will be able to set Dashboard links to either be seen by all users (default) or by groups.

The below screenshots how to create a Dashboard Link.

Add the title, URL, Image as you would have done previously. If the dashboard link needs to be seen by everyone then press save. If you want to set the Dashboard Link to be only seen by certain groups then select the Groups tab.

Select the Add Groups Checkbox and select the Groups you want the Dashboard link to be shown to and press submit.


Group administrators will be able to set whether a learner receives an email when a specified module has been allocated to them.


When selecting to publish a new version of a module in a domain, that learners are either in progress or completed there will be a warning to show how many learners are going to be impacted by this change.


Administrators will not be able to allocate a learning plan or learning collection that contains archived content. Currently when a module is archived then all future allocations are prevented from the learn allocation page, this will also be applied to the learning plan and learning collection allocation pages.