Select Events from your main account dashboard and then select Available Events.

Choose the event you wish to attend and submit your request. This will then transfer into your Active Events. If the event requires approval from an admin for you to attend, it may not appear in your Active Events straightaway.

Once it has been approved, select the event in your Active Events page to view the details. To add this event into your Outlook Calendar, select Add to Outlook Calendar at the top of the page and a calendar invite will download. Select the download from your browser and select Accept on the meeting invite to add this into the Outlook Calendar.

If this event is hosted through Teams or Zoom, a link for this will be embedded in the email that you receive. This means on the day of the event, you can simply open the Outlook Calendar invite and select the Join the Video Meeting link to attend the session.

Please note if administrators make any changes to the event, for example changing the date or time of the event, learners and facilitators booked onto the event will be notified via email. A new Outlook Calendar invite will be sent to the event participants and facilitators, so you can accept the updated changes in your calendar.