This feature is designed so you can tailor admin roles on Enable, so you don’t have to grant full LMS Admin rights to a user if you feel this is not necessary. If you do not have the Admin Roles feature enabled, please get in touch with the Customer Support Team.

Creating Admin Roles

Select Users and then Admin Roles. Select Create Role to begin tailoring your first admin role. Add a Name to the lightbox that appears and then you will be presented with a list of Permissions that the admin can have access to. As default, these will remain deselected until you add your desired functions. Pay close attention to the permissions and only select what you would like the admin to be able to see and action, as some options will mean that the admin can make significant changes to your platform. Select the + button to show full details of each area of functionality and tick the options that you would like the admin to have. You can choose as many as you like. Once you are happy with your selections, scroll to the bottom of the list and select Save. This admin role will now appear in your list. You can change the functions at any time by selecting the Admin Role and the same list of permissions will appear as before. Make any desired changes and then Save.

Allocating an Admin Role

To allocate an admin role to an existing user on the system, select Users and then Active Users. Search for the user you would like to allocate the role to using the search function. Select the user to be taken to their profile. Select Change User Details and scroll to the bottom of the lightbox that appears. Tick the Admin Role that you would like to give to the user and then Save.  

To allocate an admin role to a new user, select Users and then Active Users. Select the Add User button and fill out the user information as normal. The ability to add an admin role will be at the bottom of this form, select the Admin Role you would like to give and then Save.

Once an admin role has been given, they will be able to see this on their user profile by selecting the User Icon in the top right-hand corner of their account. They will need to select Administration from the drop-down list to be taken to their tailored admin view and will only be able to see/action what you have given them access to.