If you've made a minor change you can update your audit. This will change the content of the audit for any existing allocations of the current version.

Major and Minor Changes

To maintain data integrity of existing audit allocations and reports, you can only make minor changes to an audit version without affecting the allocations already made.

Minor changes include edits to:

  • Audit title
  • Audit description
  • Audit cover image
  • Grading labels
  • Grading colours
  • Category titles
  • Category descriptions
  • Category help text contents
  • Question labels
  • Question description
  • Question help text
  • Response labels
  • Response responses labels
  • Action Task text contents

Major changes include edits to:

  • Grading values
  • Addition or removal of a grading level
  • Addition or removal of a category
  • Moving a category
  • Addition or removal of a question
  • Moving a question
  • Addition or removal of a response
  • Moving a response
  • Multi-score scoring type
  • Multi-score correct answer
  • Addition or removal of multi-score response response
  • Change to range start value
  • Change to range end value
  • Change to range step value
  • Change to range scored
  • Change to range invert score
  • Change to mandatory question
  • Addition or removal of an action task
  • Change to action task selected response

If you have made a major change to an audit and it has already been allocated out for users to complete, you will need to Update it in the Allocations in order for users to see the changes that you have made. Select Allocations and then Batch Audit. From there, select the Audit Allocation that you have updated. You will then be presented with a list of all the allocations you have made for this audit. To update the audit for all users it is assigned to, Select All and then the option to Update will appear. When you select Update, a box will appear confirming that only the questions that you have altered will be changed and nothing else within the audit allocation is affected. Updating it will not reset the users' progress. You have the option to Inform Users if you wish and then select Update Allocations to confirm.