Once you are ready to complete your module, select the Learning icon on your account. All the courses that have been assigned to you will be under the Active Learning tab. Select Start on the course you wish to begin. You will be presented with a short description of the course and then you can start.

The course will load on your device. To proceed through the slides, you will need to listen to the audio description of the slide. Don’t worry if you can’t listen to the audio as the text is displayed at the bottom of each slide so you will not miss any information.

Some slides may require some learner participation in order to proceed, for example answering a question in a text box, watching a video or selecting prompts on screen to view further information. Once all the prompts are selected, the Next button will activate in black in the bottom right hand corner of the slide and you can proceed to the next slide. Continue through each slide until you reach the end of the module.

Next steps slide

On some of our courses, you will find the following text on our Next steps slide at the end of each module

"If you would like to move on to the next module, select the Next button at the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Alternatively, select Return to Module View to return to the LMS and choose a different module.

However, depending on how you are accessing the course, you may not see a Next button. In this case, you can select the Return to Module View button. This will take you back to the Learning page, where you can select a new module of your choice.