An assignment allocation is a cohort of learners which will all access the assignment at the same time.

Creating an Assignment Allocation

  1. Navigate to the assignment you wish to allocate. From the Main Menu, select Assignments under Allocations.
  2. From the list of published Assignments, select the one you wish to allocate.
  3. Select 'Create Allocation', this will launch a lightbox.
  4. Select the group(s) from the available groups you wish to allocate to. Each group is its own "cohort" of learners.
  5. Select 'next' to continue.
  6. Select Assessors for this groups. Assessors are responsible for marking the learners submissions.
  7. Select 'next' to continue.
  8. You can set the following settings for the allocations you are creating:
    • Allocation Method. You can select Automatic, where all group members will be assigned or Manual where you can select which members of the group will receive the assignment.
    • Start Date and Time. When your learners will be notified and have access to the assignment.
    • Deadline Date and Time. When your learners will no longer have access to the assignment.
  9. Select 'Create Allocations' to finish creating your assignment allocation.