Enable Evaluations use learner feedback to evaluate understanding and learner experience. They can contain multiple choice questions, matrix questions and text feedback.

Administrators Can:

  • Create, duplicate and edit evaluations
  • Include multi-choice, text or matrix style questions
  • Set mandatory questions.
  • Set scored questions
  • Manage evaluations with the help of advanced filtering.
  • Assign evaluations to multiple courses or assign course multiple assessments.
  • Set mandatory evaluations that must be passed by the learner to receive an award / certificate.
  • View and report on feedback and see feedback that requires action.
  • Schedule evaluations to collect feedback over time.

Users Can:

  • Access and complete evaluations as part of a module

Creating an Evaluation

Select ‘Evaluation’ you will be able to see the evaluations that have already been created in your domain.

To create a new evaluation, select Create at the top right hand side of the page.

A light box will appear prompting you to enter the evaluation title, description and cover image (if required).

Once you have selected Submit the Evaluation Editor will appear where you can start to create your evaluation questions, rating system, introduction and completion.

Evaluation Editor

The controls in the ‘Evaluation Editor’ are found at the top right hand side of the screen.

  • Preview – This opens the evaluation in a new tab/window in your browser as a learner would see it. The answers will not be recorded as this is simply a tool for reviewing the evaluation before publishing it.
  • Update – When an evaluation has already been published and you wish to change some text, clicking ‘Update’ would update the current version the evaluation is in.
  • Save Draft – This will save the evaluation in a draft state, maintaining the first version. You may then come back to it when necessary.
  • Publish – This will save and publish the evaluation so that it can be used within the evaluation editor. Once published the evaluation will lose its draft state and will be ‘Version 1’, the next time it is published, it will become ‘Version 2’.
  • Exit – This will close the ‘Evaluation editor’ and return back to the ‘Evaluations’ page.

Evaluation Properties

Rating System tab allows you to edit the information on the rating system for your evaluation, select ‘Rating System’ at the far right hand side of the screen. Rating levels will appear for customer answers. Please be aware that the system doesn’t allow you to miss numbers out, you have to have the levels with the same numbers as shown below.

Introduction tab allows you to have some introductory information for this evaluation, select the title ‘Introduction’ and a ‘Heading’ and ‘Body Text’ box will appear for you to input this information.

Completion tab allows you to input completion information for your evaluation, select the title ‘Completion’ and another ‘Heading’ and ‘Body Text’ box will appear for you to input the closing information.

Adding Questions to the Evaluation

From the Evaluation Editor, select the Page box underneath ‘Evaluation’. To enter a name and description for this page (set of questions), write this information in the Details section at the far right hand side of the page.

To start inputting the questions into this page, select the Questions tab next to the Details. Here you will be able to add a series of different questions with different responses, e.g. text box answers, multiple choice answers and matrix answers. To add a question, select Add Question and a pop-up box will appear confirming the different questions you can create.

Once you have pressed Publish your evaluation will be marked as published.

The evaluation you have just created will appear in the evaluations section within Content Creation.

Evaluation Management

If you select the three dots next to the evaluation tile, it will reveal four options: Preview, Versions, Duplicate and Delete.

  • Preview – This launches the evaluation in a new browser/window so that it can be previewed without any data being recorded on a learner record.
  • Versions – This opens the ‘Manage Versions’ pop-up box for the specific evaluation. Version notes can be viewed here as well as previous versions. If the evaluation is newly uploaded, then this will only display the initial version.
  • Duplicate – This allows you to duplicate the evaluation into a draft state, you can then edit it and then save as a completely new evaluation.
  • Delete – This allows you to delete the evaluation from the system. However, please be aware that evaluation cannot be deleted if it is being used within a module.