Each group can have its own discussion area. You will need to have this feature turned on for your Enable LMS. If you wish to do so, please speak to our Customer Service team.

You will need to be a Group Admin or have the right role and permissions for your group.

Categories and Topics

Group Discussions are organised into Categories and Topics. You can add as Categories to keep relevant discussions together.

Adding a Category

  1. From the Discussions tab in your group, select the 'Add Category' button, this would launch a lightbox.
  2. Enter a title for your category. This is what will display for your group members.
  3. Select 'Add Category', to complete the process.

Adding a Topic

Inside Categories your group members can create Topics, which other members of the group can respond to.

  1. Inside a category, select 'Add Topic' button, this will launch a lightbox. 
  2. Enter in a Topic title and write the contents of your topic. You can use the rich text editor options to format this.
  3. Select 'Add Topic' once you are finished and it will post the Topic for group members to see.

You can use Group Roles and Permissions to control which group members are able to create categories, topics and responses.