Enable LMS Groups are flexible to fit your changing needs. You can change any of the properties you set during the creation of your group. Ensure you select 'Save' to ensure any changes you make are kept.

Group Name

This will change the name of the group, depending on the group type it will change for those can see it.

Group Abbreviated Name

This will change the abbreviated name which can be used for reporting.


You can add or remove any group classifications. These are useful for reporting across multiple groups, for example classifying job roles, departments in an organisation or sectors of a Safeguarding Board. To add a Classification, select Classifications from the drop-down list underneath Groups. Select Add Classification and add it into the lightbox that appears on screen. Once the classification has been added, you can assign it to a group by clicking onto it and then select Assign Group. Tick the groups that you would like to add the classification to and select Save.

Group Logo

To help differentiate between your groups, you can give it a logo image. For best results use a PNG or JPG with a resolution of 768 by 432.

Group Colour

This will set the primary colour of the group. This will change button colours, call out messages, etc.

Group Header Colour

You can set the colour of the main group header.

Group Type

Changing the group type will control who has access and who can see the group. You can select from the following options:

  • Private/Hidden: this group is completely private and users will be unaware that they are in it.
  • Private/Visible: this group will not be seen by users unless they are invited into it.
  • Public/Joinable: this group is available for anyone to join, but requires group admin approval. If you select this, you have a further option to set a reason why the user may want to join this group.
  • Public/Open: this group is open for anyone to join.

Management Group

This will make any Group administrator act as a line manager for the group. This means the members of the group are now the staff for the group administrators. This will allow them to see the user's profile page and run reports on those users. Only Private Hidden and Private Visible groups can be set to Management Group.

Only Group Members receive automatic allocations

If you do not want Group administrators and group moderators to receive automatic allocations, then select this. This is useful if your group admins do not require the training from the automatic allocations.

Allow self registration

Selecting this will populate the group selection on the registration page for new users. Private Hidden groups can not be used for self-registration.