Groups are a flexible way to organise your Enable LMS users. There is a variety of options you can use to tailor the group to meet your needs.

Adding a new Group

  1. From the main dashboard, select 'Groups'.
  2. Select 'Add Group'.
  3. You can set the following properties for the group:
    • Group Name
    • Abbreviated name: this can be used for reporting purposes.
    • Group Classifications: this can be used for reporting to classify your groups. You can select from any existing classifications, or add a new one.
  4. Select 'Next'.
  5. Select the Group type, this controls who has access to the group. You have the following options:
    • Private/Hidden: this group is completely private and users will be unaware that they are in it.
    • Private/Visible: this group will not be seen by users unless they are invited into it.
    • Public/Joinable: this group is available for anyone to join, but requires group admin approval. If you select this, you have a further option to set a reason why the user may want to join this group.
    • Public/Open: this group is open for anyone to join.
  6. You can also set the following options:
    • Allow self-registration: if you have the Self-Registration feature enabled in your LMS, selecting this option means that this group will show in the Self-Registration form when learners register for an account.
    • Management Group: this allows line managers to manage the contained members. Only Private groups can have this selected. Please see Line Managers for more information.
    • Only Group Members receive automatic allocations: this means that any Group Admins, Moderators and Read-Only members of the group will be excluded from automatic learning allocations.
  7. Once you are happy with your settings, select 'Save'. You will be then taken to your new groups settings.

Adding a new Group with the Batch Upload

If you require a large number of groups for your Enable LMS, you can use the Batch Upload process to populate your Enable LMS in one go.

  1. From the main dashboard, select 'Groups'.
  2. Select 'Batch Add Group'.
  3. Add any classifications for the groups.
  4. Select the group type and settings. These will apply to all the groups you add. 
  5. Select 'Next'.
  6. Download the sample Excel spreadsheet with three columns: Group Name, Abbreviated Name and Group Admin. You can set the group admin with their email address. You can only add one group admin at a time.
  7. Upload the completed Excel spreadsheet.
  8. Select 'Save' and your groups will be now in your Enable LMS.