Admin Actions are notifications which you can act upon as an administrator. These include:

  • Notification of new module licences.
  • Notification of additional licences added to the LMS.
  • Group requests for new module licences.
  • Learner self-enrol course requests.
  • Learner module failures (this includes modules within a Learning Collection).
  • Module licence depletions.
  • Updated module versions.
  • Group member requests.
  • Event attendance requests.
  • Event session space availability.

Please note, any group admin actions will also populate the LMS admin actions, these will be tagged with the group name.

Managing Admin Actions

Selecting an admin action will take you to the place to manage it. For example, a notification for new module licences will take you to the allocations list for that module. You can approve or deny requests for Event and Group enrolment and provide a rejection reason to the learner if necessary. If a learner has failed a module, you can select the three dots next to the request and you can reallocate the full module to the learner account for them to take again. Please note, if a learner fails a module within a Learning Collection, reallocating it from the Admin Actions page will reallocate the full Learning Collection to the learner, not just the failed module.  

For each admin action, you can close it by selecting the checkbox for the action, and using the batch actions. The item will then move to the closed list. If you need to reopen it, you can select it from the closed list and select open.