The ‘My Purchases’ section of your account is essentially where all of your purchased courses bought from the Virtual College website will be housed after the transaction has been completed. If you visit this section when you log in to your account, this will give you the option to allocate the course to your own account or send it to another person to complete.

Under ‘My Purchases’, you will find two headings: ‘Available Items’ and ‘Purchase History’. You can allocate the courses from the ‘Available Items’ heading by selecting either ‘Start Module’ if you want to complete it, or ‘Give to Others’ if it needs to be completed by someone else.

Select the ‘Purchase History’ heading to show where all your courses have been allocated. Once a course has been allocated to a learner, it will show as ‘Pending’ until they log into their account and access their course. You will be able to see when a course has been ‘Claimed’ by your learner, which means that the course has been started and when the course has been ‘Completed’

If you have sent the course to an incorrect email address, or it needs to go to another person, you can change it here in the ‘Purchase History’ section. Select the course in question and press ‘Revoke’, then this will then go back into the ‘Available Items’ heading and you can send it out to another email address. Please note that this can only be done if the course is in the ‘Pending’ stage.

If for any reason a learner has not received the welcome email, you can resend it by clicking onto the course in the ‘Purchase History’ section, and press ‘Resend Welcome Email’.