Courses bought from the Virtual College website will be managed through the Virtual College Enable LMS.

As part of your purchase, you will have been set up with an account in the Enable LMS. Your username is the email you used to complete the purchase. You will be given a temporary password which you can set once you follow the link from the email.

Once inside the Enable LMS, you will be at your dashboard. You will then see the recent courses you purchased. From here you can start the course yourself or give it to someone else.

To manage all your purchases, you can navigate to My Purchases. This will list all the licences to courses you have.

Course History

To review courses, you have given to others, you can click on the Purchase History tab. From here you can see if the courses you've given to someone else has been claimed.

Revoking Courses

If the course has not been claimed and still in the pending stage, you can revoke the allocation. You will then be able to give the course to someone else or take it yourself. Once a learner has started a course you will not be able to revoke their access.

Resend Email

If a learner has not received the email, you can resend it by selecting a course in the Purchase History section, and press Resend Email.