Group allows learners with similar learning activities to be assigned to Groups. Groups can be created for a classroom or for administration purposes, allocate learning or communicate with users within a group. They also allow group events to be created.

Administrators to organise users, linking users with learning and provide a way of creating classes/teams.

LMS Administrators can:

  • Create public, private, hidden, open or joinable groups for learners.
    • Private/Hidden: this group is completely private and users will be unaware that they are in it.
    • Private/Visible: this group will not be seen by users unless they are invited into it.
    • Public/Joinable: this group is available for anyone to join, but requires group admin approval. If you select this, you have a further option to set a reason why the user may want to join this group.
    • Public/Open: this group is open for anyone to join.
  • Use advanced filters to find and manage Groups.
  • Classify groups by tagging with key words, which you can then filter and report on.
  • Make groups management groups for line manager functionality. This sets any Group Admins as a Line Manager for the group members.
  • Allow self registration will show this group as an option to new users on the registration page.

Group Admin:

  • Create and manage group events.
  • Manage group permissions.
  • Add courses to groups of learners.
  • Manage group resources.
  • Manage group admin actions.

Users can:

  • View all the groups they are a member of.
  • Group search allows a user to search for groups they can join.
  • User can join open groups themselves.
  • Users make a request to join a group that requires authorisation.
  • Access group resources.