An Announcement is a message which all Enable LMS users will see once they log in. It can  be a useful way to share information to your users.

Announcements can be manual or automated.

Administrators can:

  • Create edit and schedule announcements containing text, images or imported files.
  • Create customer announcement to keep users or groups informed.
  • Use dates to manage and automate triggering of announcements.

Users can:

  • Access and read announcement via email or when they login to Enable.
  • View previous announcements from the Announcement tab in their Messaging area.

How to Create an Announcement

From your Admin Dashboard, select Settings - Announcements.

You will now see a list of any announcements that have been previously created. Any new announcements that are created will be added to this list. 

To create an announcement, select the Create Announcement button at the top right of the screen. 

A lightbox will appear, prompting you to input a title and your announcement. 

You can include images, files and videos in announcements. 

To embed an image, select the image icon in the menu bar. You will then be able to upload an image from your machine. Accepted file types are: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif and .png, up to 5MB in size. 

To embed a file, select the File icon in the menu bar. 

Depending on your browser, select Choose file or, 'Browse and locate your image or file. Select the Upload button when you have chosen your file. 

Your image and/or link to the file will now appear in the announcement text. 

To embed a video, select the camera icon from the menu bar. 

A lightbox will appear; this displays videos that are available in the video repository. Click the Select button under the desired video.  

TIP! Please note that videos must have already been added to the repository. 

The video will then appear in the announcement text. 

You have the option to send the announcement as an email to learners by selecting the 'Copy to Email' tick-box. Please note that the announcement cannot be copied to email if there is a video attached.

When you are finished, select Next to continue. 

Another lightbox will appear. This lightbox allows you to define the start date and time of the announcement. 

You can also set an end date for the announcement. To do so, select Set end date and select your end date and time. Click Next to continue. 

You can now define the recipients of the announcements. This can either be All Users, or you can set an announcement to only appear for users within certain Groups. Once selected, click Send

Your new announcement will be added to the announcements list.