To view your active modules, completed modules and available modules to request, please select the 'Learning' icon on your account.

Select 'Available Learning' to show all the modules available to you through the group(s) that you are a member of. If you select 'Start' on one of the listed modules, a box will appear with the module information and will ask if you wish to start it. Select 'Start' if you wish to take this module. If you do not wish to start this module, select 'Cancel' and this will take you back to the available modules. Once you have selected 'Start' the module will load.

Please be aware that some modules will require a reason as to why you want to complete the module. Instead of a 'Start' button, there will be an 'Enrol' button.

If you select 'Enrol', a box will appear with the module information. Once you have read this, select 'Next'. A box will appear, prompting you to confirm the reason why you need to complete this module. Enter this and select 'Enrol'. A request will be sent to the administrator who looks after the group that the module belongs to. If they have accepted your request, the module will appear on your 'Active Learning'. However, if it has been declined, you will receive a notification explaining why it has been declined.

If your request has been accepted, go to 'Active Learning' and the module will be there for you to begin.