From your User Dashboard, select the Events icon.

Select Available Events to view any events that you want to book onto. Select the event you are interested in.

If the event does not require administrator permission, then you will be automatically added to the event list. You can do this by selecting Join Event.

If the event requires permission from an administrator, you will be notified when your place has been accepted. You will need to select Request Attendance.

Once your attendance has been approved, you may receive an email notification from the event organiser should they wish to send one, and the event will appear in your Active Events section within the events icon.

Select Active Events to view a list of all the events you are booked onto.

Select a particular event to view all the information for that session. This will include the location of where the event is taking place and any resources that the administrators have uploaded for the event. You also have the option to add the event onto your Outlook Calendar from here. Select Add to Outlook Calendar and a calendar invite will download to your device. Open the invite in Outlook and select Accept to add the event onto your Outlook Calendar.

If the date or venue changes for the event at all, you will be notified via email by the system administrator and a new calendar invite will be sent with the updated information.